Tokenomics of $Toad

Explore the strategic tokenomics behind LuckyToadv3, the heart of the ToadSwap ecosystem. Designed for stability and growth, discover how we're redefining the standards of decentralized finance.

Contract Address

  • 0xbfb2b6870501a6ff17121d676a0a45a38c9eed1e

Transaction Taxes

  • 5% Buy

  • 5% Sell

  • 0% Transfer

Of these taxes, 50% is allocated to marketing, while the remaining 50% is directed towards development.

Initial Liquidity Pairing

  • 2.5 ETH + 4,000 USDC : 1 Billion $Toad

  • 100% fair launch, no team or presell tokens.

  • Initial Market Cap of $16,000

Liquidity Locking

Both the USDC and WETH liquidity pools were locked on Unicrypt for a duration of 18 months, set to be unlocked on May 1, 2024.

The Innovative Use of Dual Liquidity Pools

ToadSwap introduces a groundbreaking approach in the space by utilizing dual liquidity pools to ensure immediate liquidation of buy taxes during the purchasing phase.

Traditional Tax System Challenges:

  • Usual contracts funnel taxed tokens to a collective tax wallet.

  • The subsequent sale of these tokens often results in tax dumps, which can dampen the bullish trajectory of a token's price.

  • This system frequently accumulates more ETH in taxes than what is justifiable, negatively affecting the chart's health.

ToadSwap's Dual-Pool Mechanism:

  • Eliminates the common pitfalls of tax dumps.

  • Purchases from one pool trigger an instantaneous sale of the corresponding tax in the opposite pool.

  • Both pools are synchronized, showcasing nearly equivalent prices, ensuring a stabilized price chart.

To Illustrate: Consider a token imposing a 10% tax. With ten consecutive buyers investing $100 each:

  • Every buyer invests $100, receives $90 in tokens, with $10 channeled to the tax wallet.

  • After ten such transactions, $100 in taxes is stored, ready for liquidation.

  • Assuming the token's value triples by the time of the first sale, the originally accumulated $100 worth of tokens will now liquidate for $300.

ToadSwap's Differentiator:

  • Only the genuine tax amount is accumulated, avoiding excessive tax collection.

  • A purchase from the ETH pool prompts an immediate sale in the USDC pool, and vice-versa.

  • Larger transactions can potentially interact with both pools, ensuring balance and stability.

This dual-pool system promotes a healthier, more stable chart, revolutionizing traditional tokenomics.

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