Current Development

Delving into the heart of ToadSwap's innovation hub, here's a snapshot of our ongoing projects

  • Router Revamps: Anticipate massive upgrades aimed at reducing gas fees. Soon, gas payments in ERC20 tokens will be a reality, coupled with a slew of other gas cost enhancements.

  • ETH to Token Swapping 2.0: Without diving too deep, know that our ETH to token swapping mechanism is undergoing a major overhaul. The objective? Streamlined trades and diminished gas expenses.

  • Limit Orders on the Horizon: The development wheels are in motion. Combining simplicity with rich features, our upcoming limit orders promise to redefine trading.

  • Introducing ToadTools: Envision a comprehensive suite of Telegram tools tailored to bolster the ToadSwap experience. Big dreams are taking shape in this realm.

  • MultiDex Routing: ToadSwap is gearing up to integrate multidex liquidity and price search, making swap execution seamless. With this, ToadSwap aspires to be the ultimate destination, encompassing liquidity from giants like UniswapV3, SushiSwap, ShibaSwap, and more.

Development is subject to change based on technical challenges, user feedback, and evolving market needs.

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