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Roadmap of ToadSwap

Phase 1: (Q3 2022 - Q2 2023)
  • $TOAD Launch: Released in September 2022.
  • Private Beta: Initial testing of ToadSwap.
  • Security Audit: Ensured ToadSwap's safety.
  • Public Release: ToadSwap available to all.
  • Website Revamp: Fresh look and feel.
  • Docs Release: Shared Whitepaper & Lite Paper.
  • ETH Integration: Enabled Ethereum trades.
  • ToadSwap DAO: Introduced community voting.
  • UI Upgrade: Enhanced platform appearance.
  • Optimizations: Boosted platform efficiency.
Phase 2: (Q3 2023)
  • Speed Boost: 700% faster swaps.
  • Backend Updates: Focused on MEV improvements.
  • Charting & Info: Introduced for better user research.
  • Project Onboarding: Marketing strategy for new listings.
  • Token Management: Started buybacks and burns.
  • Referrals: Launched ToadSwap's referral program.
  • Limit Orders: Began development.
  • Multi-DEX Start: Diversified trading initiation.
Phase 3:
  • Holder Rewards: Planning staking and revenue sharing.
  • MultiDex Launch: Aiming for broader trading options.
  • User Goals: Targeting 1,500 users and $5 million volume.
  • Token Strategy: More buybacks and burns ahead.
  • Feature Development: Starting on rugpull protection, candle swaps, and block-optimized trading.
  • Marketing Inside ToadSwap: Developing in-platform promotions.
Phase 4:
  • MultiChain Trading: Plan for broader blockchain interactions.
  • Advanced Features Release: Rugpull protection, candle swaps, and block-optimized trading.
  • Telegram Trader: Upcoming Telegram integration.
  • NFT Trading: Venturing into digital collectibles.
  • Gasless Wallet: Aiming for a fee-free wallet.
  • Platform Goals: Targeting 20,000 users and $75 million volume.
  • CEX Listing: Ambition to join major exchanges.
  • Token Elevate: Continuing buybacks and burns.