Referral Program on ToadSwap

Unlock Rewarding Opportunities with ToadSwap

Welcome to the ToadSwap Referral Program, where community-driven growth meets rewarding opportunities! Our program is designed to create a symbiotic relationship between our users and their networks. By participating, you don't just introduce others to the benefits of ToadSwap but also open doors to an additional stream of income for both you and your referees.


  • Mutual Earnings: Every time your referral makes a trade, both of you earn. It's not just a bonus for introducing a new user, but a continuous earning opportunity.

  • Empower Your Network: By sharing your referral code, you're not just promoting ToadSwap but providing an avenue for your friends and associates to earn additional income with their trades.

  • Passive Income Source: The more active your referees are, the more you earn. Over time, as your network grows, this can turn into a significant source of passive income.


  • Consistent Earnings: Both the referrer and the referee earn $0.15 for every trade made.

  • Transparent Tracking: Watch your earnings grow in real-time, as your referees trade, giving you full visibility and control.

How to Harness the Power of ToadSwap Referrals

  • Extend Your Reach: Use your referral code wherever you have an online presence. Whether it's social media, blogs, or forums, ensure your link is visible and accessible.

  • Educate: Equip others with knowledge about ToadSwap. Highlight the benefits and unique features that set it apart. The more informed they are, the more likely they'll be to engage.

  • Continuous Push: Remember, referral earnings are paid in perpetuity. The consistent growth and nurturing of your network play a vital role in optimizing your earning potential.

How It Works

  1. Connect: Start by connecting your wallet. Your unique referral link/code can be found next to the "Invite Others" option in the wallet section.

  2. Share: Copy and distribute your link/code. Once a user connects their wallet using your referral link, they too become a part of the rewarding referral system.

  3. Confirmation: The user connected via your referral link should now see "Connected to {your referral code}". This confirms their successful integration into the system.

  4. Trade and Earn: As trades are executed, watch your earnings accumulate. Every trade means more rewards for both you and your referral.

At ToadSwap, we believe in sharing the success. Join our referral program today and turn your network into an earning powerhouse!

Note: Always ensure that you follow ethical practices while referring. Spamming or misleading potential referrals can lead to disqualification from the program.

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