๐Ÿช™About $TOAD Token

Discover $Toad: Anchoring the ToadSwap Ecosystem

$Toad is more than just a token; it stands as the cornerstone of ToadSwap's inception. While the token may seem straightforward, its significance within the ecosystem is profound. Join us on this concise journey to unravel the essence of $Toad and its pivotal role in shaping ToadSwap.

  • The Launch of $Toad

    $TOAD was launched early September of 2022. It was a 100% fair launch, executed without a seed presale or team tokens, highlighting our dedication to fairness and community trust.

  • Initial Liquidity and Market Cap

    When $TOAD was introduced, the initial liquidity stood at a ratio of 2.5 Ethereum + 4,000 USDC to 1 Billion $TOAD. This established the initial market cap at approximately $16,000. Since then, $TOAD has achieved a peak market cap of $14 Million.

  • Taxes and Designation

    $TOAD operates with a clear tax structure: a 5% tax on both buying and selling. However, there's a 0% tax on transfers. The collected tax is then allocated effectively: 50% is channeled towards marketing initiatives, while the other 50% supports development efforts.

  • Governance with ToadDAO

    $TOAD is more than just a token; it's the governance backbone of ToadSwap. Empowering its holders with a voice, $TOAD ensures that every holder has a say in sculpting the future and direction of the ToadSwap Ecosystem.

  • Assured Security

    $TOAD has been meticulously audited by InterFi, highlighting our steadfast commitment to community safety and transparency.

  • Revenue Sharing for $Toad Holders

    Holders of more than 250,000 $TOAD tokens qualify for a share of the platform's revenue. This feature encourages long-term holding and staking, allowing these dedicated holders to earn exclusive rewards from the platform's success.

  • Premium Access Without the Fees

    Holders with 250k or more $TOAD tokens unlock fee-free access to ToadSwap's premium features, enhancing their trading experience without additional costs.

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