Seamless Swaps on ToadSwap

Broadened Liquidity Sources

ToadSwap is not just another isolated platform in the vast decentralized trading space. We've positioned ourselves to be at the heart of a network, interlinking with various other platforms. By accessing the liquidity pools across these platforms, ToadSwap guarantees a smooth trading experience. Any token at any time, we strive to provide you with the most optimal price, ensuring that your trades are not just swift, but also economically sound.

Slippage Simplified

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting slippage. In the world of trading, while slippage is designed to protect your transaction, it can sometimes be hijacked by bots, undermining the potential of your trade. With ToadSwap's innovative auto slippage feature, every trade is handled with precision. We take your input, automatically calculate the output, and factor in elements like gas costs, tax, and price movement.

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At ToadSwap, our cutting-edge trading platform not only provides you with advanced slippage control but also ensures that slippage is utilized only when necessary. Slippage, in essence, acts as a safeguard against the potential price impact resulting from other trades occurring concurrently with yours. Slippage settings are easily user-adjustable, catering to your unique risk appetite and trading goals. This flexibility allows ToadSwap to suit various trading styles and risk tolerances, empowering you to optimize your trades with ease.

  1. Passive Slippage (Base + 3%): This setting strikes a balance between minimizing slippage and optimizing trade execution. It incorporates the base slippage, calculated from a combination of transaction fees and price action, with a slight additional margin of 3%.

  2. Aggressive Slippage (Base + 15%): For traders seeking swift execution at the expense of slightly higher slippage, the Aggressive setting is ideal. It applies the base slippage, as determined by transaction costs and market dynamics, with a more substantial 15% buffer.

  3. Launch Slippage (99%): During the launch of a new token or event, where volatility can be extreme, ToadSwap employs a fixed 99% slippage setting. This ensures that trades are executed even in the most challenging market conditions, with minimal risk of failure.

How to Swap on ToadSwap

  1. Accessing ToadSwap: Whether you're using the in-app browser on MetaMask or any crypto wallet, or a regular web browser, simply navigate to ToadSwap to start.

  2. Understanding the Platform: ToadSwap facilitates trading across a multitude of ERC20 tokens. One of its standout features is the ability to use the selling token to cover gas fees, which means you don't have to worry about additional ETH gas costs for your swaps.

  3. Initiating a Swap: Start your trading process by selecting the token you wish to sell and entering the amount. Following this, pick the token you want to buy. ToadSwap swiftly computes the estimated output, taking into account taxes and gas fees.

  4. Handling ETH: When dealing with ETH, our intuitive swap flow will guide you through the process of converting your ETH to WETH (Wrapped ETH). For swaps involving ERC20 tokens as the input, this step is automatically bypassed, ensuring a seamless experience.

  5. Approval and Authorization: Once you're ready, click 'swap'. This will prompt you to grant permission for the selling token. Subsequently, select 'sign' to authorize the token's trading on ToadSwap.

  6. Finalizing the Swap: To wrap things up, endorse your swap, click 'submit', and witness your trade being seamlessly executed on the platform.

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