ToadSwap DAO

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an avant-garde governance framework where protocol decisions are steered by the collective voice of its users. Votes are allocated based on token holdings, reinforcing the principle that commitment and influence go hand in hand. As the zenith of decentralized finance (DeFi), a DAO epitomizes the shift from centralized authority to a community-driven ecosystem.

The ToadSwap DAO Vision

From its humble beginnings, ToadSwap's rise has been buoyed by an unwavering community. As a nod to this steadfast support, we introduced the ToadSwap DAO. It's not just a tool; it's our commitment to ensuring that every ToadSwap holder feels empowered to shape the platform's direction. Whether it's a grassroots proposal or an initiative from the team, the DAO ensures every voice is heard, every idea is weighed, and every decision is a collective step forward.

Previous Proposals

Dive into the DAO's past decisions, each a testament to our community's shared vision and commitment.

Proposal 5 (Nov 22, 2023): Adjustment to Revenue Sharing threshold

Objective: To increase equity and inclusivity within our community by updating the revenue sharing eligibility threshold to better align with current market conditions and our expanded token reach.

Context: In response to the significant growth of our token's value and market presence, we propose a revision of the 2 million token threshold initially set for revenue sharing eligibility to ensure continued fair and widespread community participation.

Proposed Adjustments for Vote:

  • Maintain the Status Quo (2M Tokens): Keep the current threshold unchanged.

  • Reduction to 250K Tokens: Lower the threshold, allowing more holders to qualify for revenue sharing.

  • Fixed Dollar Amount ($1,000 in Token Value): Base eligibility on a fixed dollar value, allowing for dynamic adjustment with market fluctuations.

Result: The decisive opinion among holders was a Reduction to 250K Tokens with 76% of the votes. For more detailed results and information: Snapshot Link

Proposal 4 (Sep 4, 2023): Minimum $TOAD for Revenue Sharing

Objective: Decide the required $TOAD tokens for revenue sharing. Rewards in the pool will be based on one's percentage share.

Proposed Options:

  • No Minimum: Open to all.

  • 500K $TOAD: Mid-level.

  • 1M $TOAD: Higher entry.

  • 1.5M $TOAD: Large holders.

  • 2M $TOAD: Top holders.

Result: The dominant preference was for the 2M $TOAD option with 72.4% votes.

For more detailed results and information: Snapshot Link

Proposal 3 (Aug 20, 2023): Introduction of Revenue Sharing

Objective: With an aim to evolve in alignment with the community's interests and feedback, ToadSwap seeks to introduce a revenue-sharing mechanism. This proposed change is expected to provide token holders a passive income from the platform's success.

Context: For every 1,000 trades on the platform, ToadSwap accrues approximately 1 ETH in fees. The integration of revenue sharing also paves the way for the reintroduction of staking, enhancing user engagement and adding more value for token holders.

Proposed Revenue Structures:

  • Status Quo: Retaining the current 35% allocation for buyback burns and 35% for DAO allocation.

  • Balanced Approach: Splitting allocations with 35% for buyback burns and 35% for revenue sharing through staking.

  • Full RevShare: Transitioning entirely to a 70% revenue sharing model, without allocations for buyback burns.

Result: The community showed a strong inclination towards Full RevShare, securing 75.39% votes, signaling a predominant preference for a comprehensive revenue-sharing approach.

For more detailed results and information: Snapshot Link

Proposal 2 (May 9, 2023): Fee Structure Revision

Objective: With the growth of the platform, ToadSwap aims to overhaul its fee structure to better align with our new views.

ToadSwap will, on average, levy a 10% gas premium on all gas expenses incurred on the platform. Due to our efficient WETH trading system, users frequently enjoy noticeable gas savings when compared to trading ETH on alternative platforms.

Proposed Revenue Distribution:

  • 35% Buy Back and Burn: To bolster the value of Toad tokens and reward the community of holders.

  • 35% ToadSwap DAO: Allocated for DAO-centric initiatives and to cater to the benefits of holders.

  • 15% Referrals: An incentive mechanism for encouraging user referrals.

  • 15% Maintenance Costs: To fund the platform's maintenance and server needs.

For non-holders:

  • 10% fee on transaction value salvaged from rug pulls.

  • 25% fee for savings realized through the candle swap feature.

Result: The proposal secured unanimous endorsement with Yes tallying up to 291M TOAD (100%) and No receiving 0 TOAD (0%).

For more detailed results and information: Snapshot Link

Proposal 1 (Mar 27, 2023): $Toad Tax Reformation

Objective: ToadSwap seeks to optimize its tax structure for sustainable growth. This proposal aims to adjust the tax rates, balancing rewards for long-term holders and making the platform more enticing for tax-sensitive investors.

Proposed Tax Options:

  • Option A: No Change (16% total tax, 8% jackpot)

  • Option B: 16% tax (4% jackpot)

  • Option C: 12% tax (2% jackpot)

  • Option D: 12% tax (0% jackpot temporarily)

  • Option E: 10% tax (0% jackpot temporarily)

Result: The majority favored Option E with 93.81% votes, endorsing a reduction to a 10% total tax without jackpot allocations.

For more detailed results and information: Snapshot Link

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